How to “éèëê ïî öô üû ç”? Let’s not even talk about “úíóñ¿¡”, “ß” or “©«€»”!

Even before arriving in the U.S. some years ago, I had already switched to the United States-International Keyboard Layout and will never go back to any other layout. Even if I would live in any other country, I’m pretty sure I would stick to it.

If you’re curious, check:;en-us;306560&sd=tech



Comments (2)

  1. AT says:

    How about Dvorak layout ?

  2. Yves Dolce says:

    Well, I always thought this was related to a different physical layout keyboard!

    But I was wrong: "reduce the degree of motion required to type common English text. This feature might help avoid some kinds of repetitive strain injuries that are associated with typing. "

    Also: ttp://

    At any rate, this seems a bit too far away from the usual layout: when working on someone’s else machine, I cannot ask [him|her] to change the layout just for me. I’m afraid that after getting used to that layout, I would now have a hard time working with any of the [AZ|QW]ERTY layouts…

    But this does seem to make sense, especially if you already have suffered from repetitive strain injury.

    Thanks for teaching me something new!

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