Cosmic Recycling: We are Made of Stars

Yesterday evening, I caught the end of that lecture on UWTV: fascinating and entertaining!


Scientists today understand the universe in a very different way than they did 50 years ago. They understand the origin of every atom, something that Bruce Margon, a University of Washington astronomy professor, regards as "a fundamental intellectual triumph." What's more, those atoms all have been recycled several times over. The bottom line, Margon says, is that we are made of stars.

The video:

Comments (2)

  1. This is a lecture that is repeated on TV. The speaker the Dr. Bruce Margon of the Hubble Space Institute in Bethesda Md. Do a search on Dr. Margon and you will find references to this program.

  2. Lori Borst says:

    This was the most interesting show I ever watched. I never even contimplated how we came to have the elements. I am going to to my research paper in Chemistry this semester on this topic. Wonderful.

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