The Sopranos

I started to watch that series during the second half of season 4, this year. Last time I was that hooked to the TV was during Jean-Luc Picard reign... Long before that, it was The Prisoner, The Avengers and then way before that, Captain Kirk reign.

I won't disclose how many episodes of the third season I saw this last week-end, but let's just say it was more than 10. Good thing kids go to bed 'early'.

Another good thing is that the King County Library have all those series available on DVD for free. Still one more is the fact that Comcast has the ON DEMAND feature so that I can watch some episodes of season 1.

Arrivederci a tutti.

Comments (2)

  1. Eric Newton says:

    I still think the first and second seasons were the best episode-by-episode.

    4th had some a few good ones, and the Pine barrens episode [when Pauly and Christopher lose the Russian KGB in the woods] is hilarious.

    Personally I love the one from 2nd [I think] that was them going to italy and Tony hookin up with the hot Italian chick

    Now we gotta wait til Spring 2006 I believe to see new episodes… I think HBO is pushing for 13 instead of just 10 for the "last" season…

  2. Dave Burke says:

    Yves, I can relate. My wife and daughter went on a vacation for a week and I got hooked on the 1st season of 24. I won’t begin watching the 2nd or 3rd season until I know I can keep the DVD fix going for the entire run, and have the time to feed the addiction.

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