Articles from the Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 are available online

See my previous entry regarding the The Visual C++ Toolkit 2003. The articles are:
Conformance to ISO Standards for C++: this high level of compliance enables Visual C++ .NET 2003 to compile popular modern C++ libraries (including LOKI, BOOST, and BLITZ), a feat achieved by few, if any, other compilers. A vital standard language feature for compiling these libraries is partial template specialization, which is demonstrated by this sample.
Visual C++ Optimization Overview: demonstrates a few of the many code-optimization features offered by the Visual C++ 2003 compiler
Writing Managed Applications for the .NET Framework: demonstrates how Visual C++ can be used to incorporate the .NET Framework into C++ applications.
Security Checks at Runtime and Compile Time: demonstrates Visual C++ compiler and library features for helping developers increase the robustness and security of their applications.


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