Managed C++ resources I consider very useful

Managed C++ Samples : a set of 75 high-quality example projects covering the most common programming tasks and projects.


NOTE: Those links below no longer exist now… :-<


In Whidbey, developing in managed C++ will even be easier! From the PDC 2003:

– TLS310 – Visual C++ “Whidbey”: New Language Design and Enhancements (Start Session, Download Powerpoint)

– TLS311 – Visual C++ “Whidbey”: Leveraging Native Code with .NET (Start Session, Download Powerpoint )

– TLS400 – Visual C++ “Whidbey”: Advanced Code Generation (Start Session, Download Powerpoint)

– TLS401 – Visual C++ “Whidbey” Under the Covers: Targeting the CLR (Start Session, Download Powerpoint )

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