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  1. Jack says:

    In my case I've to expose a web service with parameter of Type Employee for webmethod for e.g. SaveEmployee(Employee objEmployee)

    Even though I assign the parameters properly I am getting null value for BirthDate inside webmethod but other reference type variables for e.g. say string EmployeeName is assigned correctly…

    Please advise

  2. youssefm says:

    Hi Jack,

    You probably first want to check that BirthDate is being sent at all. Having unassigned parameters in a webmethod is typically an indication of a mismatch between client and service contracts.

  3. Chen says:

    Hi Youssefm, this is really really useful. Thanks.

  4. Flemming says:

    How about string elements which by default is serialized as optional?

    Can I in any way indicate these to mandatory (minOccurs=1).

  5. Anastasya says:

    Thank you very much! This is very helpful 🙂

  6. bk says:

    Seems like kind of an odd way to specify the minOccurs attribute, but it works!  Thanks 🙂