VB6 to C# bridge

You’ve probably heard about the VB6 to VB.NET bridge announced lately. Well Israeli MVP Leon Langleyben has extended this to support C#. He also talks about the process.


A problem with VSTS source control if you are working with a web site not on port 80

If you are working with a website that is under control and is not working with port 80, you will see problems if you are trying to get it on another machine. It seems that currently beta 2 doesn’t care about custom ports even if they are inside the solution file. as a workaround always…


What to do if you experience bad performace with Team System

Obviously I’m going to show you only one of the things that can hurt your performance. I’ve been doing Team System installs in a 2 server sceanrio. I’ve seen quiet bad performance results: 15 min. to create a new Team Project. I’ve pounded my head over the wall for a few hours to figure out…


Team System Suggestion: Automatically attach files to newly created bugs

it’s Here. when you run a unit test and want to open a bug on the result. The work item that is being created is just flowing in the work item database. It is not connected to anything. I wonder if this can be handled by some plugin. You are welcome to vote on it.


How to change Team System Build Server Build Configurations

If you have used the Build Server inside Visual Studio Team System, you must have notices that after you create a new Build Configuration you cannot change the TeamBuild.proj file. The Build Server creates a folder inside the Source Control with the name of “TeamBuildConfigurations”. you can notice that you can not check out the…