Juval Lowe

Juval is giving a great talk on .NET 2.0, we really need to bring him again.


WI-FI is the best thing…

50 Access points made me blog from my room at 1am.


Amazing first day in TechED

Being in TechEd as a microsofty is a lot different. I had such a great day. 1. Saw Steve Ballmer – LIVE for the first time, he has got some amazing energies. He really knows how to drive the audience. 2. Got to meet Dino Esposito, he seems to know everything there is to know about…


TechEd Israel is happening tommorow

Huge pressure. This year we’ll have: Clemens Vasters, Dino Espossito, Juval Lowy, Shy Cohen (Indigo Team), Hans Verbeek, Nigel Watlig, Scott Woodgate and many more. I’m giving 2 talks, one on Visual Studio 2005 (So many new features) and Longhorn at the closing key note. you can take a look at the agenda: http://www.microsoft.com/israel/TechEd See…


Teched 2004 Israel

We’re working on the developers track for the Israeli Teched. What would you like to see in it?


A great day

I got an email in the morning from someone inside microsoft saying, Shy Cohen from the indigo team was coming for a brief visit. I met him an hour later, he is the product manager for the reliable messaging. 2 guys from my team came too and we had a great talk about what indigo…