Dogfooding ClickOnce

I just installed a “Real World” application using ClickOnce. It’s amazing how simple it is to deploy and consume. *Update: you can find see more details on the application HERE.


Going to Atlanta

Soon I’ll be on my way to Atlanta to the yearly microsoft conference AKA MGB (this is the one where ballmer sang ‘developers developers developers….. ‘ 35 times). My first time, almost all the new microsofties will be there. So if you want to hang out (I have almost all the 13th free) contact me…


Redmond – Field report #1

Just got here. Everything is so green, lot’s of trees, Wireless evrywhere (sort of heaven for geeks). I’m here for Envision which is an internal MS conference that deals with technmologies. There will be lot’s of sessions on whidbey and longhorn and meetings with the dev teams. On Wednesday we’re meeting the indigo team, on…


Exposing your blog thru rss Is Crucial

I don’t see it, I searched all over the place but David Chappell’s new blog doesn’t have rss. Am I missing it or everyone that uses Blogger doesn’t have it? In his first post from January he talks about the patent behind Attributes. You learn new stuff every day.


This one is for galit – Your action required

This one is dedicated to Galit Shachaf who’s responsible for the communities in Israel. Just to let her know your are here please reply in the comment.


A great day

I got an email in the morning from someone inside microsoft saying, Shy Cohen from the indigo team was coming for a brief visit. I met him an hour later, he is the product manager for the reliable messaging. 2 guys from my team came too and we had a great talk about what indigo…


Next week Yukon roadshow

Microsoft is doing all sorts of roadshows for partners and ISV around the world, next week I’m going to attent one in Cyprus. This roadshow is going to handle yukon and all the things related to it in a 4 days seminar. So if someone else is coming and would like to meet over there…


CodeZone Magazine

Get your free copy:


First week at Microsoft

I started working here a week and half, I belong to the Enterprise Partners Group – which is responsible for engaging with partners and enterprise customers to develop (on top) and deploy Microsoft’s technologies. The team that I belong to is called: “.Net Platform Group” we are responsible on the Dev tools and putting all…