Who said Visual Studio 2005 can’t make coffee

I thought about it and almost the only thing VS can’t do is coffee. So at the .NET on the beach event in Israel (Pictures) I took a robot and a coffee machine and wrote a little MSBuild task to make me coffee while VS is compiling.


Going to Atlanta

Soon I’ll be on my way to Atlanta to the yearly microsoft conference AKA MGB (this is the one where ballmer sang ‘developers developers developers….. ‘ 35 times). My first time, almost all the new microsofties will be there. So if you want to hang out (I have almost all the 13th free) contact me…


Just installed Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1

At last, some timings: 9:12 start9:18 – end of .net framework install – Reboot9:22 – Back from reboot (4 min for xp sp2 rc2 – too much)9:58 – end of vs install -0 Reboot10:01 – back from reboot (still almost 4 min)10:03 – everything is finished VSTO is working like a charm – try opening…


Joking on linux

HERE – a funny flash on linux running on everything…


The Windows ‘Knoppix’ like version

Since this is on a public site I guess I can talk about it, I found WinPE not long ago on one of the servers. WinPE is a bootable cd that loads a small version of WinXP with network support thru command line. I use it for installs, since the build of longhorn does not come…


WI-FI is the best thing…

50 Access points made me blog from my room at 1am.


Exposing your blog thru rss Is Crucial

I don’t see it, I searched all over the place but David Chappell’s new blog doesn’t have rss. Am I missing it or everyone that uses Blogger doesn’t have it? In his first post from January he talks about the patent behind Attributes. You learn new stuff every day.