Developer Content Survey For The Biggest Developer Event Ever In Israel

  אירוע המפתחים השנתי עומד להתקיים ב-31 לינואר 2007 . האירוע השנה מקבל פנים חדשות עם יותר תכנים, יותר מסלולים, יותר מרצים והרבה הרבה טכנולוגיה עכשווית.  זו ההזדמנות שלכם להשפיע על תוכן הכנס! ספרו לנו מה מעניין אתכם, מה מטריד אתכם, על מה הייתם רוצים ללמוד ואיזה מרצים תרצו לשמוע.בלינק הבא תמצאו סקר עם הנושאים…


VB6 to C# bridge

You’ve probably heard about the VB6 to VB.NET bridge announced lately. Well Israeli MVP Leon Langleyben has extended this to support C#. He also talks about the process.


Help shape the next big Developer Event in Israel

I just posted (hebrew) a bit about our plans for January’s event. it’s going to be big as always, more than 2000 attendees and we’de like to make sure you have a say on it. so please visit (hebrew) and comment.


ASP.NET tour in Israel is cancelled

Unfortunatlly we had to cancel the event for next week due to lack of bandwidth. We have TechEd coming in 2 months and we simply didn’t have enough bandwidth to deal as we intially thought.


Almost final speakers and sessions list for Developer Track – Teched Israel 06

It is starting to take more shape, this is a partial list for sessions that may be interested for devs.   2 Highlight sessions of the day: Clemens Vasters is going to talk about Newtellivision. Dennis Minium will talk about how we dogfood Team Foundation Server.   The almost full list:   Dev Track:  WINFX Overview…


Updated session list for TechED Israel 2006 – Dev Track

Here is another draft – still trying to figure out about what 3 session we’ll do on .net 2.0, we have an excellent session on Data Binding which everyone must attend (you wouldn’t believe how much code you can save if you exploit the framework like you should). WINFX OverviewWindows Presentation Framework Part 1 -…


VS 2005 Launch [Israel] event recordings are live

You can watch at: This was the keynotes track and it’s in hebrew. It is the first time that we recorded the sessions in that way and I’d be happy to get feedback if it’s good/bad/need more work.


Teched Israel 2006 – Dev Track Agenda DRAFT

Here is a draft of things I was thinking about(Performed by stars from the dev team), what do you think? Intoduction to Windows Presentation Framework – Getting to know the key concepts of the nex ration UI Technology Interoperability between Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Forms Windows Communication Foundation – Part 1 – Introduction Windows…