What to do if you experience bad performace with Team System

Obviously I'm going to show you only one of the things that can hurt your performance. I've been doing Team System installs in a 2 server sceanrio. I've seen quiet bad performance results: 15 min. to create a new Team Project. I've pounded my head over the wall for a few hours to figure out why.

The installation process went without problems and everything was by the book. I had previously installed Team System in a 1 server scenarion on a lousy hardware and it worked faster.

Then I ran netstat whoch shows you the network connections your machine has and I noticed that I have an open connection to the proxy. Running 'netstat -b' showed me which process opened which port. I then saw that devenv.exe is going thru the proxy. Then it hit me, every hit to the Team Foundation server is basically a web service call and it is probably taking the proxy settings from IE.

Setting IE to not use a proxy dropped the time to create a new Team Project to 90 seconds.


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