PDC – C#: Future Directions in Language Innovation from Anders Hejlsberg

if you are going to the PDC you absolutly must go to this session, I have seen this last week in out internal conference and it was simply one of the best sessions by far. I promise you that it will knock you down. C#: Future Directions in Language Innovation from Anders Hejlsberg Speaker(s): Anders…


10 press releases you will never hear from Goolge

from: [http://blog.outer-court.com/press-releases/#http://www.google.com/press/pressreleases04.html] August 22, 2006Google Says “Sorry” for Giant Gmail Data Leak July 18, 2006Google Closing Down 50,000 servers; “Not much interesting stuff on the web today,” Brin says May 21, 2006Google Share Climbs to $500; Company Has Little Incentive to Innovate May 13, 2006Google Admits Satellite Imagery “Mostly Fake” April 21, 2006Google No Longer…


PowerToys for the Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer and Distributed System Designers

[by:Dmitriy Vasyura | Class Desiger Team] We’ve published a set of set of add-ins which augments existing functionality in the Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer and the Distributed Systems Designers. The Design Tools Enhancements add-in provides a common set of features that can be used by both the Class Designer and the Distributed System Designers,…


Who said Visual Studio 2005 can’t make coffee

I thought about it and almost the only thing VS can’t do is coffee. So at the .NET on the beach event in Israel (Pictures) I took a robot and a coffee machine and wrote a little MSBuild task to make me coffee while VS is compiling.


Gmail is going 3GB

Seems like GMail is doing it again: “G is for growthStorage is an important part of email, but that doesn’t mean you should have to worry about it. To celebrate our one-year birthday, we’re giving everyone one more gigabyte. But why stop the party there? Our plan is to continue growing your storage beyond 2GBs…


A problem with VSTS source control if you are working with a web site not on port 80

If you are working with a website that is under control and is not working with port 80, you will see problems if you are trying to get it on another machine. It seems that currently beta 2 doesn’t care about custom ports even if they are inside the solution file. as a workaround always…


A new debugging blog in the house – where no man has gone before

A new blog by Eran Sandler. He is “playing” with .NET for quite a whild now and is very passionate about debugging. “…about “Advanced .NET debugging”, mainly to help the uncharted and undocumented abilities of WinDbg and the SOS extension to solve problems on production environments and post mortem debugging….”


What to do if you experience bad performace with Team System

Obviously I’m going to show you only one of the things that can hurt your performance. I’ve been doing Team System installs in a 2 server sceanrio. I’ve seen quiet bad performance results: 15 min. to create a new Team Project. I’ve pounded my head over the wall for a few hours to figure out…


Team System Suggestion: Automatically attach files to newly created bugs

it’s Here. when you run a unit test and want to open a bug on the result. The work item that is being created is just flowing in the work item database. It is not connected to anything. I wonder if this can be handled by some plugin. You are welcome to vote on it.