Struts and ASP.NET

The whitepaper is now ready and it is published on msdn, We already received some good feedback and the article was also picked up on the ServerSide ( Most people thought that it is a fair and balanced comparison of the two internet architectures   


Production Time Debugging with Gadi Meir [Hebrew]

 Gadi is one of the old veterans in software development; he did a webcast a few weeks ago that went online today at: He talked about windbg and ntsd and gave valuable tips to understanding the basics of low level debugging.  

ATI’s latest package requires .NET Framework 1.1

While downloading the latest drivers from ATI: 1 packageSupported on the RADEON 9500, RADEON 9600, RADEON 9700, RADEON 9800, RADEON X300, RADEON X600, or RADEON X800 Series of products.Note you must have Microsoft’s .NET Version 1.1 Framework installed.


First time in New York (My version to the office poster)

After the last MGB in Atlanta I took a few days off to spend in New York, it was my first time there. While we were traveling we stopped at one of the restaurants, Ronen Asjenazi took his amazing digital camera and started to take some pictures. This is my version for the office commercial… and changes

After my last entry I got more than a few comments, I also posted an internal mail about it. After a few minutes I got an email from one of my managers abroad asking for me to explain why I felt it was wrong to cut the RSS feed and the Main feed. I can say that…


Are you into winforms?

If so you must see this: Tune in and learn how to build Microsoft Windows Forms applications and Smart Clients in Microsoft .NET. We will take you through all the steps to build an application, as we cover object oriented concepts and delve deep into .NET. During this series of webcasts, you will learn how…


Visual Studio 2005 Developers going underground

There is a huge effort to ship Visual Studio 2005 on time, if you do not hear from the developers of the teams on their blogs it’s not because they don’t want to blog it’s just because the need to ship, in two weeks they’ll come back. Looking at the latest builds of Team System,…


The power of .NET

Not often do I have to explain to customers about Cross Platform and .NET, even when Eric Rudder spent 2 days in Israel last week he was asked about Microsoft’s position regarding mono. Personally I love the idea that someone is taking the specification and really proves that it can be done outside Microsoft. Practically I…