How can we make Visual Studio/.NET localization better?

Have you ever thought about new ways to improve the localization experience for .NET developers?

We want to hear from you.

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  1. Hi,

    Here’s something I would like to see. Link the "Text" property from an object’s property bag to a database entry. With this database file (xml or whatever), we can then turnaround and ask a team of translators to take care of the translation (of site for example) (and Source Controled).

    Also, have a project property to able the dev to switch "on the fly" between different languages so that devs can see how the UI reacts.

    For dynamic text, allow the dev to specify formatting text: "hi my name is {0}".

    Lastly, autogenerate "dummy" text. Lorem Ipsum or dash "-" with the number of characters of the text (max number of characters of any language). This would allow to see what’s translated or not. If anything is not a -, it’s not translated !

    This localization idea could go a little further with validating controls. Different validation based on different locale, automatically set via local


  2. travis says:

    Are speaking of VS.Net’s ability to assist you with localizing your code, or the localization of the actual VS.Net program itself?

  3. Frankly, my favorite localization tool for VB6 was the String Table editor by far. It made it extremely easy for people who were using the String Table to localize their tools. While it may not have split resources out into seperate .DLL’s, if I could have a string editor like that in .NET, I’d love it.

  4. Something that I would like to have is better support of TimeZones, so we can easy convert one time to another locations time.

    For example if we pass a Swedish DataTime object, we would like to now the data and time in another time zone, for example pacific time etc. This is probably more about globalization than localization.

  5. Darrell Scott says:

    Base ASP.NET localization on the Windows Forms model.

  6. kevin says:

    A #1 – there needs to be much more attention given to educating developers about writing locale-aware applications. Developers need to get in the habit of always specifying locale. Programming in neutral needs to be seen as always bad.

    Most of the examples and tutorials on MSDN are not locale-aware. Start there.

  7. Avi Gutman says:

    Something i would like to see is a localized property selector. This tool will allow the developer to select which properties of the form to Localize and only these properties will be included in the ResX file and reduce the upload time of the form.

  8. Like in 2005 that every AppSetting in the x.config file is added , I get acess to it in code. I would like to have the same way to resx files.

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