[Quote]Why I don’t recommend Firefox

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  1. Smeg says:

    "It doesn’t entirely act like a native application on all platforms."

    No, its javascript, not assembly, C or C++ or whatnot.

    "Popup blocking is sometimes over-aggressive."

    He must be the only person in the world that cant run "tools->options"

    "No “Go” buttons next to the address bar and search bar by default"

    Is here, I Must be seeing things.

    "The launch problem in Windows ME needs to be solved"

    The entire ME "problem" needs to be eraticated from history via time travel.

  2. Smeg says:

    He must be using release 0.000001 as this is all fixed LONG ago. Why is IE SP2 so much similar to firefox then? Addins? Same as Extensions on Firefox. What about the popup blocker , veryyyy similar, next itll be tabs.

    For something thats so CRAP , it seems to be copied

  3. Smeg says:

    I can modify and customise Firefox. VERY IMPORTANT, if i find a bug, i can fix it, its just Javascript and XML.

  4. Smeg says:

    "Firefox is the most customizable browser on the planet.

    There’s that browser word again"

    He seems to think people are pineapples or something because ive seen 85 year olds who have just had a computer for a month call it a browser fine.

    He treats everybody like theyre newborns.

    He is being too simple.

  5. the "Tabs" feature in some other browsers, really perplexes me, I consider Windows a "tab" when I use the task bar…

  6. midas says:

    i love the tab feature. when i’m researching, i can have a window for all the separate tabs (for the different sites) that i’m using, & a separate window for say, checking the latest news online, looking at my grades via blackboard, reading blogs or reviews of games, books, etc. it’s great for a college student. with ie, i’m having to click on one icon on the taskbar & often having to guess at which site is the one that i want to look at. tabs are perfect for those of us who can’t stand to have only four or five windows open at a time…

  7. Alex says:

    Very good article indeed.

    Sometimes we ( developers ) just forget about how far we are from those "average" users.

    This article (at least for me) is much more a "reminder" about good UI / MMI planning , then article about IE/Firefox/.. some other browsers wars.

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