Struts and ASP.NET

The whitepaper is now ready and it is published on msdn,

We already received some good feedback and the article was also picked up on the ServerSide ( Most people thought that it is a fair and balanced comparison of the two internet architectures 


Comments (3)

  1. In terms of IDE’s – shouldn’t Borland C# Builder be in there somewhere?

  2. Jerry Pisk says:

    Just so you know – Struts has nothing to do with JSPs, those are technology next to Struts, not below it. Same way some (or most) J2EE app servers can serve web content directly, without relying on a regular web server such as Apache. The Java world is much more fragmented in terms of what you can use, you have a choice unlike in the Microsoft world, where there isn’t any.

  3. Sean says:

    Gak.. just read through that thread and even posted a response, and didn’t realize that both the article AND the thread are dated December 2003. OLD POST!

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