What the hell happend to weblogs.asp.net main page….

I really HATE it, I used to wonder here in the middle of the night picking up cool topics to talk about in my sessions. Sorry for everybody about this.I know there is a lot of disappointment inisde about this. Hope that you will make enough noise to bring the old look back.

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  1. Some bloggers aren’t happy with the latest changes at weblogs.asp.net, me neither

  2. denise says:

    What? The really awful old look where you had tons and tons of extra stuff that you had to wade through to find something you actually might want to read? Or the list of bloggers, most of whom hadn’t even blogged in months?

    Personally I love the truncated posts. I wish it was even more traditional and just displayed blurbs.

  3. Kyle Tinsley says:

    Same feeling here. I come here because you can see the several complete posts at once, unlike my client aggregator. Now, I have to drill into each post to see the good stuff.

  4. Agreed, the user list stuff was pointless, but to not show the full posts on either the RSS feed or the main page is annoying to the point of turning people off of the whole site.

  5. Yosi Taguri says:

    I just loved the idea that the main feed was so colorfull, it was great just to look at new stuff from all the bloggers. I can’t subscribe to all of them and it looked to me as a great idea to find new interesting bloggers from the main feed. I think we could have done a better list of links in the main feed by not showing bloggers that haven’t blogged ofr the last 48 hours or so.

  6. Reading Scoble (http://radio.weblogs.com/0001011/2004/09/08.html#a8195) this seems to be an MSDN wide thing…bandwidth usage problems apparently. I’d thing that Akamaiing the RSS feed as they do the main MS site would be a little more friendly…

  7. David Cumps says:

    get the rss feed back with full posts, what you do with the mainpage i don’t care, but at least have either one of them display full stuff!

  8. Jeff Parker says:

    I agree, the rss feed should show the full post, it was like a central place but if your agregator like mine keeps that information local then you can actually read through those while disconnected. Now you can’t anymore. Now I can sit on the airport read an interesting start of an article but never read the whole thing until I land and get connected and click the URL to read more. This new one that sumarizes sucks to say the least. I mean if they were advertising and trying to get people to pull up banner ads then I could understand but this is pretty stupid.

  9. Jeff Parker says:

    Oh and something else that happend with the change, seems like I get a whole lot of double downloads on posts, for some reason it is misdating older posts. For Example you just posted I got the last 10 of your posts downloaded that I already have but they all had todays date and time stamp on them. So my agregator thought they were all new posts. Quick sort by subject and delete all the duplications but still a pain. This is happening to me all over the place but seems like a few a day and usually after somone makes a new post.

  10. Mike says:

    Speak for yourself and not all MS employees. I like the new look. Half the time people write posts that aren’t interesting beyond the first 500 words anyway. Now you don’t have to wade through all of them.

    Good job on the new look!

  11. Ryan Anauo says:

    Loved it the old way… hate it the new way.

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