Adding a zip filter to web services

Alot of people speak about this and my brother in law did it, it's a first implementation of his WSE filter. From a guy that was coding only in c++ and Java he moved to .NET and started a new software comapny. He does magic.

Adding a zip filter to web services

Passing large amount of data through web services can become a hugh bottle-neck in WAN application architecture ( i.e server is on the web ), and in any case a real load on the network traffic, this is one solution for downsizing the network costs 

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  1. Hardly magic … check out WSCompression in Plumbwork Orange over at GDN. (

  2. the wizard from oz says:

    a lot have already written on this.

    there are many examles that reduce up to 95% of the traffic

    He just copied the idea from eggcafe

  3. Yosi Taguri says:

    That’s a false accusation, Since you are a coward and hides behind words with no address. You deserve no comment.

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