Me playing with Visual Studio 2005


1. if you want to see it under server explorer you need to explicitly state the name of the instance to “.\SQLExpress”.

2. Debugging a function under SQL Express is off by default, to enable it right click the connection name under the Data Connections in the Server Explorer and choose 'Allow SQL/CLR Debugging'.


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  1. Peter reiter says:


    setting the name of the instance to ".SQLEXPRESS" during Setup does not work

    i always get this message:

    "The instance name specified is not valid. To proceed, provide an instance name that complies with instance naming guidelines. For more information, see Instance Name, in SQL Server Books Online."

    Can you pls help me?

    Is a Query Analyer like in SQL2k (developer edition) included?

  2. Yosi Taguri says:


    the name SQLExpress is the default one, I didn’t change anything in the installation.

    I don’t know of any Query Analyzer included, I use VS for everything.

  3. Peter reiter says:


    then where did you enter ".SQLEXPRESS" to enable viewing the database in VS?

  4. Yosi Taguri says:

    In the server explorer pane.

    Data Connection -> Add….

  5. Peter reiter says:

    Thanks Yosi

    it’s working 🙂

    now i can play with yukon 😉

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