A reminder on “Three/Multi Tier/Layer Architecture/Design” brought to you by my late night frustrations.

 scott just posted:

A reminder on "Three/Multi Tier/Layer Architecture/Design" brought to you by my late night frustrations.
It is an excellent post about architecture, I had a talk today with someone from the Academia scene. We discussed how hard it is to expect student in the university to write a good architecured application. Sometimes I feel that knowing about good architecture should come from pure experience. It's easy to talk about layers and tiers. KNOWING the way and WALKING the way are very different things.
How many Architects do you know. And I don't mean good Architects, just Architects. Many of the so called "Architects" I know only call them selfs that way because it sounds really really good.
Can you explain the problems with AOP, GROK Enterprise Services, keep track with Web Services protocols, have done several good architected application (looking back), have something bad to say about Pet Shop 3, know what's the problem with ShadowFax and what so good in Fabriq?
Now think, how many GOOD Architects do you know?
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  1. Architect says:

    What about IOC ?

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