First post from Longhorn 4074 – WinHec Build and a wish for Reflector

Just installed the WinHec version and it looks great, much more faster then PDC.
A small wish for Reflector 4: What if it could take your coding style from Visual Studio 2005 and apply them when previewing code...

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  1. Andre says:

    Neither RichTextBox nor the MSHTML control are powerful enough to do that. You will either miss hyperlinks or rich text formatting. However, given all the goodies in the add-ins workspace it should be pretty easy to create your own cobination of class view and decompiler output.

  2. vbNullString says:

    I wish I had a spare machine to install LongHorn… What is the spec of the machine you installed WinHEC on?

  3. Yosi Taguri says:

    It’s my daily machine, Dell D600 with 1G Ram and 100Giga HD with P4 1.7. Just did another partition and let it install

  4. Aviv Raff says:

    Any success installing Visual Studio 2005 on the new Longhorn build?

    About the syntax highlighting, I suggest considering this project:

  5. Yosi Taguri says:

    There will be no matching Visual Studio .NET 2005, we’ll just have to wait for a synced build..

  6. Ofer says:

    Off Topic Question –

    My winApp created a directory with .cs source files.

    How to create from my app a .csproj file that will include all the .cs files in the directory?

    The quick-and-dirty way is to hard-code the text of the .csproj file myself.

    Is there an elegant framewrok service for this?

  7. Yosi Taguri says:

    instaed of a file by file do "*.cs"

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