Amazing first day in TechED

Being in TechEd as a microsofty is a lot different. I had such a great day.

1. Saw Steve Ballmer - LIVE for the first time, he has got some amazing energies. He really knows how to drive the audience.

2. Got to meet Dino Esposito, he seems to know everything there is to know about A great guy.

3. Got to meet Clemens Vasters. He is simply amazing, working his ass off. He is going to give a very unique talk on DasBlog tomorrow.

4. Got to meet Hans Verbeek. Met him once when he delivered a Yukon roadshow, a very funny cool guy.

5. Shy Cohen from the Indigo team, never stop to amaze me how smart that guy is.

we all are going to have a lot fun when we come back to Tel Aviv, Booze and Meat. 😉

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