Redmond Field Trip Report #2

This is going to disappoint you, Since I'm at an internal conference everything is Top Secert.

We can't say anything about it, you could here me talking in a very vague way about all the cool stuff. I feel that would be a wrong thing to do. So I won't talk about that.

And about seattle, It's one of the best places to hang out, we go to a diffirent restaurant every day (hope my manager will approve that). Yesturday we visited “Wasabi” with Kevin Ramsaur, Ed Quek and Felipe Lemaitre Carabias. It was lot's of fun. The day before we went to the “Wild Ginger“ that has great asian food. maybe today we'll visit “Benihana“.


Comments (2)

  1. Scott says:

    other places you should try while you are here:

    Blue Sushi in Fremont

    Chinooks in Fishermans terminal (Anthonys down on Pier 60 by the waterfront would probably work just as well but it’s a little more expensive.

    New Orleans in Pioneer Square.

    the Athenian or Lowells in Pike Place market. Good food and great views of Elliot Bay while you eat.

    Sharky’s at Alki is nice too, but it’s a little further than downtown. It’s over in West Seattle.

    Sams Steakhouse on eastlake is really good, especially for dinner around sunset. Best sunset view on Lake Union.

    Eating in the University district on University ave. is fun too, lots of different inexpensive places.

  2. Julien Ellie says:

    Benihana is a great place, I love it. I am not a big fan of New Orleans in Pioneer Square: great music, poor food. Other than that I can give you one of my best "secret restaurant": The Harvest Vine, 2701 East Madison Street. It’s a tapas/basque place and it is just awesome. They don’t take reservations (except if you’re more than 8) and it’s a very small place so plan to have a drink at the (packed) bar, while you wait. But it’s well worth it and the owner are very nice: if you eat a lot and like what you eat they’ll usually throw in a couple of free things to try 🙂 Anyway have fun in seattle!

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