The local BorCon in Israel on the 22-11-04

The local BorCon will be happening on the 22nd, I’ll get the chance to talk for 20min. about the benefits of moving from win32 to .NET. what is weird is that all the sessions are between 15 min. to 25 min. very odd compared to our conferences which the standard time for a session is…

No blogging means we’re working

When I left my last job before I joined Microsoft, my former boss told me he knew I’m working because I didn’t have any time to blog. I’m just fully swamped by the local demand in Israel for Visual Studio 2005, sometimes I give 3 talks  a day from Team System to what’s new in…


Halo 2 leaked to the net

According to The register Halo 2 Leaked to the net. I was one of the “beta testers” a few weeks ago and it is going to be a hit just like the first one did.


Searching your desktop with google

I’ve tried to run the Google Desktop Search Engine but it’s not compatible with my ISA client.


Visual Studio 2005 and Source Code Annotation

This is so cool, from [MSDN]: Annotation support PREfast also supports annotations to improve the accuracy of the code analysis. Annotations provide additional information about pre- and post- conditions on function parameters and return types. #include </prefast/SourceAnnotations.h> [SA_Post( MustCheck=SA_Yes )] double* CalcSquareRoot (    [SA_Pre( Null=SA_No )] double* source,    unsigned int size ) In…