A great day

I got an email in the morning from someone inside microsoft saying, Shy Cohen from the indigo team was coming for a brief visit. I met him an hour later, he is the product manager for the reliable messaging. 2 guys from my team came too and we had a great talk about what indigo will become in the future. Shy is a very nice person and had lots of great things to say on his work mates (Really made me want to work there - Again). One thing I didn't know is that everyone on the indigo team (about 37 people) is coding, some for indigo and some on top of it.

In the next TechEd we're going to have some surprises regarding indigo, so if you live in Israel save the date 4-6 of may 2004 - TechEd Israel.

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  1. Roy Osherove says:


    any big news that we dont know about?

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