First week at Microsoft

I started working here a week and half, I belong to the Enterprise Partners Group – which is responsible for engaging with partners and enterprise customers to develop (on top) and deploy Microsoft's technologies. The team that I belong to is called: ".Net Platform Group" we are responsible on the Dev tools and putting all the pieces together for customers, which means we need to know what tools and products Microsoft has and how can those tools help out customers. That doesn't mean we do it with all costs ;). Like chris sells wrote once, I'm something like 9 ranks below BillG which is lower as it gets 😉 (Never the less being on the same level as chris sells is still cool).

So what am I supposed to do here? First I'm supposed to wear many hats some of them are handling the Academic customers + helping ISV's and the community. Some of my work (25%) will be dedicated in evangelizing (that means that you'll see me running like hell on the next TechEd and showing Longhorn and Indigo stuff to whom ever is ready to listen;) ). I'll help organize the next conferences in Israel, the first one is next month (and we'll show PDC stuff there).

On the first day I got here about 11:30, while waiting for my manager in the corridor I noticed my name on the wall near a closed door, it was strange enough I stared on it for 2 min. going back to the reception I got a key and there is was , an office will all the stuff you could ever need: a new D600 Dell Latitude laptop with 1gb of memory, wireless, a new keyboard (MS's one needless to say) with a mouse. Adding to that a docking station and a warm welcome. Someone told me that here in Microsoft Israel you've got 100 seconds of grace until you need to start working.

It was true, by 14:30 I met the first client…. My manager told me to take a picture of my empty inbox and 10 min. later he arranged it to be fill with emails. The last place I worked for had Lotus Notes, the problem with that was the client was something you couldn't understand, nothing like Outlook+Exchange. Everything in MS is happening thru the mail, I get about a 100 mails a day and it's only my first week. MS ask that we answer every mail in 48 hours….. Up until now I browsed almost every site I heard of and there are hundreds of them, every team every technology has it's own site ( it is simply amazing). If you thought scoble is only blogging you need to take a look at the inside site on evangelism to understand how hard is his work.

Well that's it for now, I'm on a plane flying to the UK to attend an MSJVM bootcamp for 2 days (that's the only time I had time to blog this week).

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  1. *stare & drool*

    Heard about your job at Microsoft, and it sure sounds exciting…

    A trip to the UK and a brand new laptop are my kind of "welcome aboard" treats! 😀

    Enjoy the UK camp. 🙂

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