Home network setup wizard

 You can find a helpful wizard that will guide you thru the setup of you home network and supply a diagram and detailed instruction on the subject, can be found HERE

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  1. I wan’t a simple home network with 3 computers

    I have the following items.

    #1-Broadband Connection

    #2-LinKsys Etherfast Cable/Dsl Router

    #3-Cable modem

    #4-3 Computers with Windows XP home edition

    #5-3 LinKsys Etherfast 10-100 Lan Cards

    #6-All computers connected with cable

    #1 Cable Modem #2 Cable Router #3 Main Computer

    #4 Second Computer #5 third Computer

  2. pwkhan says:

    i have some problem in my network .i do not find my server in network neighbourhood.what id o

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