Last minute session today on the VC++ User Group

Got a call from MS some minutes ago about the presenter not showing up for some reason. They asked me to fill in, so If you missed my session last week you're welcome to the one today.

Where: Microsoft offices, ra'anana (near amdocs)

Gathering at 17:00

Starting at 17:45

Topic: Advanced debugging techniques

  •  Debug symbols
  •  Production time Debugging
  •  Opening up Microsoft’s source code
  •  Known Problems
  •  Tips and tips
  •  Longhorn Applications - Live Demo.
  •  Impressions from PDC 2003

Comments (3)

  1. Oleg Koudinski says:

    Very good presentation.

    Can you post some links from it (addin for reflector and VS,debug sdk)

    Can we test msbuild ?? or it’s only part of VS2004?

  2. Yoramo says:

    I participated in one of your presentations about debugging several months ago, so I thoght lets hear it again and it was very interesting.

    Thanks for the great presentation especially the PDC part.


  3. Yosi Taguri says:

    Thnx guys,

    It was a pleasure

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