A good laugh

This one made me laugh neopoleon explains why he defines a new syndication format named ASS: You see, I’ve heard that The Internet has been slowing down over the years because there’s too much stuff on it. Everybody and his mamma has put up a “This is my big, dumb, drooling idiot dog” page, and The…


I took the Red Pill today

After sleeping only 4 hours at night and doing some hard thinking, I took the Red Pill. I signed today at the Microsoft’s Israeli branch as a .net Evangelist/Expert… wish me luck, I’ll be starting next Wednesday  


Last minute session today on the VC++ User Group

Got a call from MS some minutes ago about the presenter not showing up for some reason. They asked me to fill in, so If you missed my session last week you’re welcome to the one today. Where: Microsoft offices, ra’anana (near amdocs) Gathering at 17:00 Starting at 17:45 Topic: Advanced debugging techniques  Debug symbols…


CLR: Thinking About Performance – Summary

The summary from : In this video Rico Mariani talks about CLR Performance.[Microsoft Download Center] Rule#1 : Measure – measure your application “premature optimizations – The root of all evil” are always wrong but it’s not an excuse for not doing it at all or doing it at the end of the project. Rule#2: Do your…


CLR: Thinking About Performance

This was posted 2 days ago: In this video Rico Mariani talks about CLR Performance.[Microsoft Download Center]


my next presentations in the asp.net user group

If you live in Israel and you want to see some PDC stuff you invited to the next asp.net user group meeting. I going to do my Advanced Debugging session from teched and a session on avalon and indigo…


thanks to Steve Cellini – post PDC

steve is guy that was responsible for the PDC content, you’ve probably saw him running all over the place, injecting notes to presenters asking them to repeat session.   Steve: You did a hell of a job….. 😉 *picture courtesy of Scoble


connected application Technology roadmap

got this from one of my blog readers concerning this post, thought it will be interstengin: “System.Messaging will not be implented under indigo. everything is around attributes.” and “avoid passing object references inside com+, don’t use com+ instead use System.EnterpriseServices do not use msmq instead use System.Messaging”  The above two statements seem to conflict with…