WSV203: Indigo – connected application Technology roadmap

This is very short, look for the presentation for more details.

Com interop with indigo - both parties could use each other. One way will be to export a proxy and indigo will use it and expose a service.

Avoid or abstract existing extensibility points.

no application state support
no session support
no HttpContext when not under
indigo will not support wsdl extension

asmx and EnterpriseServices require only change of using namespace to System.ServiceModel.Compat and everything will compile.

A key feature in indigo is that it doesn't need a base class, everything is using

QC, LCQ, CRM is not migrated - indigo will have new model for this technology.
The Com+ Catalog will not be supported or needed by indigo.

WSE is the new model for adopters. MS will try to release as much code as it can about this

System.Messaging will not be implemented under indigo. Everything is around attributes.

Use object technology only inside your services

In 2 weeks there will be a document about migrating.

Cross process communication will be extremely fast in


Avoid passing object references inside com+, don't use com+ instead use System.EnterpriseServices do not use msmq instead use System.Messaging.


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