TLS-343 Advanced Debugging in Whidbey

DataTip - a configurable pop up when hovering over a data member in the debugger, right click will be able to add the field to the watch.
Customizing of data display
view as text/html/xml instead of a string/number on the watch window. lets say you have a string that have xml inside and you want to see it as xml, so instead of copying it's value to a file and then watch it - you could do it inside debugger. The same works for dataset.

3 ways to do it on your types: debugger can be configured to show your own view on classes.
1. The ToString() is used to show the value of your object.
2. Advanced Customizing of data display- using attributes you can configure your type to display a member or not. [DebuggerDisplay("ID = {ID}")] - will cause the value of my class to reflect the id field.
3. Another sample of extending this is previewing bitmaps on the watch window - very slick demo 😉 the preview window is always a standalone form. IDebuggerVisualizer - is the interface needed to be implemented

64bit debugging is working even on Remoting debugging from a 32bit machine.
Step into works with stored procedure

Symbol stuff - enhanced module info - search path for the pdb file. Symbols locations form.


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