xbox, halo and the pdc

just talked to scoble about doing something with xbox on the pdc. he promised to blog about it and ask people what they think,. since I'm sure there will be people who'd like to have some fun there I want to gather a group of four who are addicted to 'Halo'.

So if you are up to it and going to the pdc give me a ping and let's have some fun 😉

Comments (3)

  1. Don’t forget…doesn’t necessarily have to be XBOX anymore. Halo’s out for the PC now, with more maps and more multiplayer weapons. And lots of people will be there with…their computers! I also happen to know that Halo for PC is stocked by the MS company store, so if Scoble wanted to get a bunch of copies, it shouldn’t be too hard. 🙂

  2. Yosi Taguri says:


    but there’s no more fun than playing it on the xbox

  3. Omer van Kloeten says:

    You could re-enact memorable scenes from Red vs. Blue 😛

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