complex binding of a custom collection to a datagrid

have you ever wanted to know how the datagrid knows that a datatable has columns and how it propogates them to the grid.

you shoulld take a look at ITypedList and IBindingList, also take a look at a good sample HERE


Comments (2)

  1. Take this articles as small "first steps". This is as far from a full features binding as you can be – hardly much better than directly binding an ArrayList 🙂

    Ton of issues not tourched – though some would be two line items.

    A good start though – for people now finding the documentation for IBIndingList and ITypedList and too proud to look at the KnowHows in the documentation.

  2. Frans Bouma says:

    I second that, Thomas. Binding a custom list to a datagrid is hell.

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