Borlands new profiler for .net is coded in java

while installing the new profiler I did and ALT+TAB and noticed I have a java task on my machine (oh my god) so I used listdlls ( a nice util ) to search for the criminal process:


and voula - the first was Rational Rose, but that's ok I can't do anything about it. the second was the installer who l8r installed java on my machine

now it gets even worse, after running the profiler I saw the next horrible screen:

now , what was Borland thinking about - cross platform profiling for .net?? how the hell did they think they are going to do that? why??? you got to admit that's one of the ugliest gui you've seen!

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  1. Frans Bouma says:

    If it works, who carez in what wacky language it is written in. It’s better to re-use a state of the art java profiler for .net (if that works) than rewrite it from scratch in C# and have wait till all the bugs are removed.

  2. Roy Osherove says:

    Is it as slow as it looks?

  3. If it’s a Java GUI, it’s slow. That’s one of those universal truths. Java GUI == slow!

  4. Because cross platform is a reality too, Mono, Rotor and Dot GNU.

  5. Man, what were they thinking?

  6. Neil Weber says:

    OptimizeIt is been around for a few years. Yes, it has one of the most shareware-looking UI’s I have ever seen in a payware application. It’s not Java’s fault — they just have crappy UI developers and crappy graphic designers. The icons are OptimizeIt’s creation.

  7. Yosi Taguri says:

    Andrew – I don’t know if the clr spec specifies the profiling api, I know that on windows it relies heavly on com. you need to implement a com object that will be called by the clr. now consider what this java app does, it publishes a com object (yes in java – it has to) and collect the info, com is not cross platform (atleast not to all platforms)

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