impressions on .net deep dive – my session on advanced debugging

just got out of a test on unix in the university, instead of learning for it I spent yesturday at the .net deep dive , I had a session on Advanced Debuggin.

the best way I could describe is by pointing you here,

I had lot's of fun, the reflector addin is the coolesdt thing I showed there, I don't know if there's something cooler then the "follow callstack" option which enables you to step into MS code and see the decompile code of it.

I got good reviews about my teched session (just got the evals) , some one wrote "no need to be so dramatic" - ūüėČ

we had an "Ask The Experts" session - which lior attended too , he wore a hawaii t-shirt (I'll post some pics l8r), we got to answer some cool ? about architecure and met lots of nice people.

I was invited to speak at a user group in israel, I'll post the date once I'll know it.

you can hear me and lior speak on the user group in israel, talking about insight on .net enterprise services. it amazed me to see that almost none of the 500 people that attended my session knew what Entrprise services are. so we are going to talk about it.

Also lior , saar ( a guy from my team) and I proposed to the MSDN magazine a new article about hardcore serialization concepts, I can't tell you what it contains yet, once it will be approved I'll talk about some more.

exciting weeks are coming with all the sessions and the articles we're planning....


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