Deleting a node from a MMC snapin using library

there is one MMC Library sdk which is the only opensource project I know

it's from ,

it lacks one small thing we encountered today, u can add nodes to the mmc tree but you can't delete.

behind the scenes it uses the IConsoleNameSpace2 interface.

which do support the remove feature . so if u'll add the following code to the BaseNode.cs:

public void Remove()


     IConsoleNameSpace2 cns = Snapin.ConsoleNameSpace;



u'll get a remove which removes all it's sub nodes too...


have fun.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    CodeSmith and a MMC Snapin : ScottW’s ASP.NET WebLog

  2. Alexander Kachalkov says:


    I’ve found that you use MMC Labrary and wanted to ask. Do you implement the support of toolbar?


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  4. Alexander Kachalkov says:

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