New Windows 7 Content on Channel 9

With the Windows 7 Beta announcement today at CES, we are win7_ch9_homepagetransforming the Channel 9 theme into the Windows 7 theme. To  facilitate this, we are introducing new set of videos exploring key Windows 7 features and topics. Our goal is to provide a series of videos on key topics starting with overview videos but quickly diving into the guts of the technical details. We are coupling these videos with technical blog posts and code samples for you to download.

There is a lot of ground to cover and many topics to explore. We will start with a series of videos and blogs on the new Windows 7 Taskbar:

Windows 7 New Taskbar – An Overview is an introductory video to the new Windows 7 Taskbar. It provides a very good starting point for learning about all the cool new Windows 7 Taskbar features and it sets the context for the following videos.

Designing the Windows 7 Taskbar is a “personal” view of the User Interface and User Experience design process and an insider’s view of some of the reasons underlying Windows 7 Taskbar behaviors.

Windows 7 Taskbar – Behind the Scenes provides a technical overview of the Taskbar architecture, programming model, and API.

Jump into the Windows 7 Jump Lists is a technical deep dive into the Windows 7 Jump Lists programming model and APIs. It also provides an insight into the importance of providing Application ID for applications.


Windows 7 Taskbar – Part 1, The Basics is the first post in a series on code posts on Windows 7 Taskbar API and programming model.


More content comming soon.

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  1. After all the introductions (see also the Windows 7 blog ), there’s nothing left but to dive into the

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