Windows 7 at PDC – Part 1 (pre-PDC)

PDC is just few hours away, and in case you are still trying to figure out which sessions you want to go to, here is a little tip regarding Windows 7 sessions.

As of today, few of Windows 7 sessions have a very short (in length) abstract. For example, in Day 2, there is a session named “Windows 7: New APIs to Find, Visualize, and Organize” that has an amazingly short but still very informative abstract that summaries in to TBD


TBD Session

For some, TBD means To Be Determined, while others may think it means To Be Defined. For someone who is trying to figure out which sessions to go and needs to choose one session over the other, a session with a “TBD” for its abstract may not look that attractive session. Since some of Windows 7 new features are kept under the hood until PDC, TBD can be considered as To Be Disclosed…

So don’t worry, about that TBD, it is not as the speakers has forget to write an abstract for his session, it is only because we want to surprise you!


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