New Post on Windows 7 for Developers

Remember – we Moved to a new location. There is a new post on Windows 7 for Developers – Windows 7 .NET Interop Sample Libraries


Windows 7 Blog for Developer Is Moving!

That’s right folks, we are moving to a new location, becoming part of  The Windows Blog. As part of The Windows Blog, we will join the greater Windows messaging community and will be better able to ensure developers are up to date with both the latest news on the Windows 7 Development story and the…


It used to be “write once – deploy anywhere”

Not so long ago, there was a catchy phrase we used in regards to developing, “write once – deploy anywhere.” Regardless of your programming preferences – .NET, Java, C/C++, this statement continues to be challenged as it is not really that easy to write once and deploy anywhere, it is more like, “write once –…


New Windows 7 Content on Channel 9

With the Windows 7 Beta announcement today at CES, we are transforming the Channel 9 theme into the Windows 7 theme. To  facilitate this, we are introducing new set of videos exploring key Windows 7 features and topics. Our goal is to provide a series of videos on key topics starting with overview videos but…


Windows 7 Beta – Go Get It!

Today during CES, Steve Ballmer announced and presented Windows 7 Beta and by this Friday it will be publicly available for download from Windows 7 homepage. If you are MSDN Subscriber, you can download Windows 7 Beta right now! Here are the instructions on how to download and install Windows 7 Beta. By making Windows…


Windows 7 Taskbar – Part 1, The Basics

This post is one of a series of Windows 7 Taskbar posts and webcasts. You can watch Jump into the Windows 7 Taskbar Jump Lists webcast on Channel 9 for further technical information, or the entire Windows 7 Taskbar webcasts series. You can also download the code sample. One of the first Windows 7 changes…


Laptop Power Conservation with Windows Bridge

In these days of ever-increasing mobile computing, laptop power consumption is ever more important. With laptops making up more than 50% of the computer sold last year, it is critical that users have all-day computing power when they’re on the move. But paying attention to laptop power consumption is not important just for the user;…


Windows Vista Bridge Sample Library = A Managed API for Windows

I am sure some of you are asking right now, “Why are we writing and talking about Windows Vista in the Windows 7® Blog for Developers?” The answer is simple. We are talking about Windows Vista because Windows 7 is based on the solid foundation of Windows Vista, and provides backward compatibility to the Windows…


Windows 7 at PDC – Part 2 (post Windows 7 announcement)

With Windows 7 unveiled during PDC Day 2 keynote we update few of Windows 7 sessions that had a TBD abstract as well adding two new sessions. Hereunder is the list of updated sessions and the new session. PDC full session list can be found here PC16 Windows 7: Empower users to find, visualize and…


Windows 7 Developer Guide Is Now Available

With Windows 7 unveiled during PDC Day 2 keynote, we also released Windows 7 Developer Guide. This is relatively a short guide outlining some of Windows 7’s main features as well highlighting the solid foundations Windows 7 is build upon. The goal of this document is to help developers plan for the near future by…