Consolas, the programmers’ font, is now available

Have you heard of Consolas? Consolas has intentionally been developed for programmer’s needs and it will be bundled with Windows Vista. Many people seem to love it, but I think it isn’t allowed to distribute it themselves. I copied the font from the longhorn bits. But, now you can download and install it on the computer having Visual Studio 2005.


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  1. Damien Guard says:

    What is curious is that they claim it’s only for use with Visual Studio 2006 (2005) but then… also include italic versions of the fonts.

    VS does not support italic fonts.

    There are better programming fonts around.


  2. A while ago I posted on the Real Developer Network an article on "Choosing a font for the Visual…

  3. A while ago I posted on the Real Developer Network an article on Choosing a font for the Visual Studio

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