Just another speech regarding BizTalk Server at MSDN seminar in 15th, January 2005

I’ve made several speeches about BizTalk Server already.  During the presentation, I often felt that the attendees were interested in the product. But, after then, to be honest I got several feedbacks that it isn’t easy to start.
I have to make a speeches regarding BizTalk Server at MSDN Korea seminar for 3 hours again. I’ve thought seriously what in the world the problem is.
First, I have to acknowledge that the threshold is a little high. And, the professional .NET developers are usually very busy to overcome it. And the next reason is that they tend to start all of the features from the beginning. BizTalk Server has various features to prevent it.
So, my plan for this speech is to make the threshold smooth so that the developers could ride on it more easily. I’ll start with the prerequisites for the BizTalk server followed by some notes for the installation. And I’ll continue to explain what kind of artifacts which the developers usually develop in the project using BizTalk server and the learning curve of them. After then I’ll do live development demo from creating solution to simple test about messaging and orchestration implementations.
The presentation files are here. And..I hope to see you at the seminar. (The presentation files are written in Korean.)


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  2. Morten says:

    Hmmm…I thought that it sound interesting and got your ppt presentation…unfortunately my Korean langauge is not that good!:-)


  3. 전용식 says:

    영어 사이트네요. 외국 사람도 리플을 달았네.

    virtual server 사이트 주소 때문에 들어왔는데 아직 안올리셨네요.

    주말 잘 보내시고 가급적 빨리 올려주세요. ^^

    세미나 잘 들었습니다.

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