The GetServiceDescription and GetServiceOrganization methods in IStaticAdapterConfig interface

The other day, a partner asked me the relationship between GetServiceDescription and GetServiceOrganization methods in IStaticAdapterConfig interface. The help documentation isn’t in detail enough to understand it.
At first, the static adapter design time component should have to implement the IStaticAdapterConfig, while transport adapter doesn’t have to do.
And, the method which implements IStaticAdapterConfig.GetServiceOrganization should return an XML document just describing the WSDL files it will use.
For example, the method could return an XML document as following

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>


                  <DisplayName>Services Organization</DisplayName>

                  <DisplayDescription>An organization of application services</DisplayDescription>


                                   <DisplayName>Health Care</DisplayName>     

                                   <Description>Services under Health Care</Description>



                                                     <Description>Administrative Health Care Services</Description>




                                                                       <Description>Eligibility Verification Transactions</Description>

                                                                       <WSDLReference>ANSI X 12 270</WSDLReference>





If the method returns the XML document above, when users call “Add Adapter Wizard” dialog box, it would show a dialog box like following in which the tree panel represents the XML document the method returned.

And when the user selects “Eligibility“ and click the “Finish“ button in the above dialog box to continue, it calls your design time component’s IStaticAdapterConfig.GetServiceDescription method.
At that time the actual parameter of the method would be “ANSI X 12 270”, which is designated by <WSDLReference> node of the XML document which IStaticAdapterConfig.GetServiceOrganization returned. That’s all.
Now you can return any WSDL which corresponds to the parameter. In this case, it is “ANSI X 12 270”. After then, BizTalk would generate some XML schemas and orchestration types which match the WSDL files that IStaticAdapterConfig.GetServiceDescription returns.


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