If your Windows Phone 7 doesn’t sync with Zune Software, try a different USB port

I recently got Samsung Focus but it doesn’t get recognized by the Zune Software – it says “No device connected”, even though my phone did ring a sound when it connects to my computer and zune software did pop up. Spend half hour searching for solutions and I run into this article:


One of the advices is to try a different USB port, like the one on the back of the computer. In fact I was connecting my phone to the front USB port, and switch to the USB port on the back actually worked for me. Not sure why this phone is so picky about the USB port… Anyway, thought I should share this just in case there are other people run into the same problem.

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  1. Craig says:

    I have a similar problem, but unless the phone is connected to the correct USB port when I turn on my laptop it will not be recognised by Zune. If I try to connect to the same port after booting, bad luck.

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