WCF Custom Channel Ecosystem

Back in January, a few of us on the WCF team kicked off a side project dubbed “the channel ecosystem project”. The goal is to create a community and an ecosystem around WCF custom channels. The first step was to make it easier for developers to build custom channels. To do this we decided to provide detailed…


Moving lots of data

Recently I’ve been getting lots of questions about moving large files (or lots of data) between a WCF service and client. The question comes in multiple forms, e.g. How do I send a file that’s many GB in size from the service to the client?Should I use MTOM to send large files?I have a huge…


Meet the Channel Model: ICommunicationObject

A Common a State Machine Objects that deal with communication, e.g. sockets, usually present a state machine whose state transitions relate to allocating network resources, making or accepting connections, closing connections and aborting communication. The channel state machine provides a uniform model of the states of a communication object that abstracts the underlying implementation of…


WCF Architecture Overview

This is a document I wrote a while ago and has been sitting around waiting to be published. Well, it finally is! Enjoy.


Looking for people who want to change the world

We have a few open positions on the Indigo (WCF) team for people who want to change the world. In this role, you would get the opportunity to really change how millions of developers write distributed applications (if you’re a distributed app developer yourself, you know that’s a big part of your world!). I’m not exaggerating here,…


Meet the WCF Channel Model – Part 2

Most WCF developers won’t interact directly with channels or have to think about them much. The Service Model, WCF’s programming model, provides abstractions that layer on top of channels to give a “method and typed parameters” programming model. However, many developers will want to write custom channels for the reasons I mentioned in my previous…


Meet the WCF Channel Model – Part 1

For the past 5 months or so, I’ve been working on the WCF Core Communications team (with Kenny, Matt, and Steve) where we focus on WCF transports and hosting features. In this period, I’ve learned a lot about the WCF channel model and I’m still learning a lot. I want to share some of what…


It’s fun being a test engineer on Indigo

Recently, I spent a few days writing test cases for the MetadataExchange endpoint feature in Indigo. This started as a way to help out our overly thin-stretched test team so that we can get this feature in Indigo Beta1. It has since turned into an educational experience for me. It’s increased my, already tremendous, appreciation…


ASMX documentation

I’m currently reviewing the docs for Whidbey version of ASMX (ASP.NET Web services). What are the top 1 – 3 ASMX docs topics that you’d like to see improved?I’m enabling comments for a while so you can reply to this. I’m sure I’ll have to turn them off again though because I get spammed.


Disabling Comments

My blog has recently been subjected to “comment spam” so I’m disabling comments again. It’s a shame because I love to hear your opinions/questions but I have over 300 spam comments just in the last week.