Looking for people who want to change the world

We have a few open positions on the Indigo (WCF) team for people who want to change the world. In this role, you would get the opportunity to really change how millions of developers write distributed applications (if you’re a distributed app developer yourself, you know that’s a big part of your world!). I’m not exaggerating here,…


Disabling Comments

My blog has recently been subjected to “comment spam” so I’m disabling comments again. It’s a shame because I love to hear your opinions/questions but I have over 300 spam comments just in the last week.


My Bandit

A photo of my bike while riding out on the penninsula yesterday.


Interesting lecture

I just viewed a recorded lecture by Donald Knuth named God and Computer Science. It’s definitely interesting content and, in many ways, thought provoking. I agree with most of his arguments except the very first one he makes. Favorite quote: “Infinity is a red herring. I would give up immortality if I could live super K years. In fact super…


A new addition to the Microsoft family

Robert Scoble has officially joined Microsoft as a technical evangelist. It’ll be fun having Robert in the Seattle area. Welcome Robert.


Keith jumps in

Keith now has a blog! Welcome Keith. And thank you for pointing to this hillarious animation.


Life in the Seattle area

I’m at home in my new library listening to Pink Floyd on the radio and working on Whidbey specs. I’m really starting to like the local classic rock radio station. In general, I’m also liking the Seattle area quite a bit. Feb and March we did a lot of snowboarding at Snoqualmie which is 50…


Keith Pleas Blogging?

I ran into Keith Pleas this morning at the coffee shop. He’s seriously considering setting up a blog. Yes Keith, please do it 🙂 I personally would like to see everyone involved with .NET have an active blog.


Nintendo at the age of 31 months

My two and a half year old son started playing Nintendo today. He can move Mario on land and in water and jump. He looks to be on track to be programming by the age of 5. I wonder what language I should teach him, C# or VB?


My first blog entry

I’ve been wanting to start a real blog for a while now. I actually started one right before I joined Microsoft then I got too busy with the move etc. and it never did get off the ground. Now thanks to Scott, I have a real blog!