Blog moved

I’ve moved my web site and blog to The blog is at Some of the more recent entries on this blog (the ones included in this blogs current RSS feed) are duplicated there as well.


What Exactly Is BizTalk?

  I now work as a Technology Architect at the Microsoft Technology Center in Austin which is part of the Microsoft Sales org. In this role I help customers understand how to architect solutions to their business problems/needs using Microsoft technologies. As a result I’m learning a lot of technologies that, as a member of…


Living In Austin

On Saturday 6/17 I boarded a flight from Seattle to Austin and I didn’t have a return ticket. You see, for family reasons I moved to Austin and joined the Microsoft Technology Center. The goal of the MTC is to help customers map their business problems to solutions based on Microsoft products and services. MTC Architects…


More on the WCF RSS Sample

Last week we put up a sample named WCF RSS Toolkit on and I posted a sample service using it here. Since I wrote most of the toolkit’s code I thought I’d talk a bit about its goals, design and the future. There were two primary goals for this sample: To explore/prototype RSS/Atom support…


WCF RSS Sample

Mark is looking for some sample code for the recently released WCF RSS Toolkit. I’ve put the readme up here. I won’t repeat the whole readme here but here’s a peek at the programming model. There are several shortcuts for feeds from databases and feeds using existing data types so you should really check out…


WCF Custom Channel Ecosystem

Back in January, a few of us on the WCF team kicked off a side project dubbed “the channel ecosystem project”. The goal is to create a community and an ecosystem around WCF custom channels. The first step was to make it easier for developers to build custom channels. To do this we decided to provide detailed…


It’s here

I came home today to find a large box waiting for me; it’s my new iMac G5! This is the 20″ intel dual core version and it’s absolutely stunning. Now I must admit that this is my first Apple computer. My first computer was a Texas Instruments TI 99/4A (complete with the Extended Basic cartridge)….


Moving lots of data

Recently I’ve been getting lots of questions about moving large files (or lots of data) between a WCF service and client. The question comes in multiple forms, e.g. How do I send a file that’s many GB in size from the service to the client?Should I use MTOM to send large files?I have a huge…


Meet the Channel Model: ICommunicationObject

A Common a State Machine Objects that deal with communication, e.g. sockets, usually present a state machine whose state transitions relate to allocating network resources, making or accepting connections, closing connections and aborting communication. The channel state machine provides a uniform model of the states of a communication object that abstracts the underlying implementation of…