Bizarre afternoon in L.A.

This morning, I flew out to LA for PDC. The plane landed around 12:15PM, nice and early. The ride to the hotel was mostly uneventful until we got to downtown and I noticed all the traffic lights were flashing red and drivers were confused at every major intersection. After dodging collisions a couple of times, the driver dropped me off at the Westin. I go to check in and they tell me I can't because all of downtown LA has no power. I'm thinking "you've got to be kidding! Does this really happen?". So I go leave my bags with the bell captain and head over to the restaurant for a nice cold salad (no power means no hot food).
About an hour later, power returns and I go to check in. I run into Steve Swartz standing in the check in line and we chat about CommunicationObject. When I finally get to the counter, the lady informs me I was supposed to have arrived yesterday. Apparently, the reservation says I arrive on Sunday and leave the following Sunday but I actually arrived today (Monday) and leave on Friday. I must have entered the wrong dates when I made the reservation. Anyway, there are only smoking rooms now so I settle for one and go up planning to work on my demo.
I set the laptop down and pull the adapter out of the bag only to find it's missing the tip that connects into the laptop is missing (it's a universal adapter with interchangeable tips). I call the concierge and ask for a nearby electronics store she tells me there's one across the street. Great, things are starting to look up. So I walk down to California Computer Center. The helpful clerk there shows me three different Targa adapters only one of which has my laptop listed on the back (I have a Compaq Evo N800w). The clerk says "be sure you get the right one because we don't return them." So I buy it (relying on the list on its back) and walk back to the hotel room. I plug it in, it lights up but my laptop gets no power. I go online and lookup the number for Targa, I call them and they say it looks like a faulty unit so I should exchange it. So I walk back downstairs to CCC and ask for an exchange. They're out. So I argue with them for 15 minutes until I convince them to refund my money. I ask for the nearest Radio Shack which turns out to be 3 blocks away. I walk down there and find they have only one adapter left which happens to work with my laptop. I'm back in business!
Next, came my adventure in getting a Starbucks coffee. Never mind.
Well, despite the rocky start, I'm psyched about PDC and the talk that Kenny and I are giving about writing custom channels for WCF (a.k.a Indigo). I plan to hang out in the Communications Track lounge so stop by and say hi.

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