WCF Architecture Overview

This is a document I wrote a while ago and has been sitting around waiting to be published. Well, it finally is! Enjoy.


Looking for people who want to change the world

We have a few open positions on the Indigo (WCF) team for people who want to change the world. In this role, you would get the opportunity to really change how millions of developers write distributed applications (if you’re a distributed app developer yourself, you know that’s a big part of your world!). I’m not exaggerating here,…


Meet the WCF Channel Model – Part 2

Most WCF developers won’t interact directly with channels or have to think about them much. The Service Model, WCF’s programming model, provides abstractions that layer on top of channels to give a “method and typed parameters” programming model. However, many developers will want to write custom channels for the reasons I mentioned in my previous…


Meet the WCF Channel Model – Part 1

For the past 5 months or so, I’ve been working on the WCF Core Communications team (with Kenny, Matt, and Steve) where we focus on WCF transports and hosting features. In this period, I’ve learned a lot about the WCF channel model and I’m still learning a lot. I want to share some of what…


Emacs for 2007

Don Box, Chris Anderson, Anders Hejlsberg and Scott Guthrie did a 40 minute demo in Jim Allchin’s keynote this morning. The demo started showing off the new Language Integrated Query or LINQ technology. Anders and Don wrote an app to query the list of running process with more than 4MB of working set. They then…


Bizarre afternoon in L.A.

This morning, I flew out to LA for PDC. The plane landed around 12:15PM, nice and early. The ride to the hotel was mostly uneventful until we got to downtown and I noticed all the traffic lights were flashing red and drivers were confused at every major intersection. After dodging collisions a couple of times,…


Indigo Versioning

I’ve been thinking about Indigo versioning a lot recently. Basically there are three axes: 1. Versioning of protocol implementation: Say Indigo v1 implements WS-SomeProtocol v1, how do we go about that implementation so that when WS-SomeProtocol v2 comes out and we want to implement it in Indigo v2 we can do so without breaking anything….


It’s fun being a test engineer on Indigo

Recently, I spent a few days writing test cases for the MetadataExchange endpoint feature in Indigo. This started as a way to help out our overly thin-stretched test team so that we can get this feature in Indigo Beta1. It has since turned into an educational experience for me. It’s increased my, already tremendous, appreciation…


ASMX documentation

I’m currently reviewing the docs for Whidbey version of ASMX (ASP.NET Web services). What are the top 1 – 3 ASMX docs topics that you’d like to see improved?I’m enabling comments for a while so you can reply to this. I’m sure I’ll have to turn them off again though because I get spammed.