Web services features in .NET 2.0 (VS Connections talk)

My VS Connections talk's slides and code are available here.

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  1. JP says:


    XML Serializer generates assemblies on the fly to serialize application types

    There’s an initial hit for generating these assemblies


    A new tool named sgen.exe lets you pre-generate these assemblies at design or deployment time and deploy with your app

    Serialization assemblies loaded, if found, and runtime invocation of the compiler will not occur

    — i have a situation where i want to update clients on the fly, and would like to "break" off a type and send that in an assembly somehow; presently, i have to compile it like i want it, is there a tool coming that will allow me to place just that type in its own assembly or take a serialized object graph and place all the types into their own assembly for use on the remote side all at runtime?

  2. bd says:

    You mean, with this .net client can update itself?

  3. JP says:

    yeah, basically, what I have setup now is a system where when a graph of nodes is serialized and sent across the wire, when its deserialized if the assembly is not found (trips the event handler, throws the serialization exception, etc) a requst is sent back to the main app and asks for an assembly update which is then sent back. problem is, right now, the main app needs to compile the types into the assemblies manually, in a pre-meditated manner. What i wanted was a custom assembly generated on teh fly that would just contain the types in the serialized graph;


    I just realized the assembly full name wouldnt match in terms of version number because of the new assembly being compiled (obviously not matching the main app’s assembly version number)

    so it makes it a moot point in the end.

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